Help will be replaced by SLSKey as of February 15 2024. The the use of the e-lending and the research terminals of ETH Library will still be possible.
Your swisscovery account will have to be authorised for SLSKey for you to be able to use this service. Please contact the ETH Library Infocenter to authorise. If you have not yet registered with swisscovery, please do so here.
Whom is the login geared towards?
The login is geared towards private library customers.
Why do I need the login?
The login enables you to use the following services:
  • ETH Library’s public workstations
  • ETH Library’s e-lending (borrowing eBooks)
Note for members of ETH Zurich: as you are able to use all of ETH Library’s electronic services with your nethz login, you don’t need a login.
I’ve registered with but am unable to sign in as the message “Username or password incorrect” keeps appearing.
Your login has not yet been activated. Contact
I wanted to register with but keep seeing the message “Email already used”.
Your email address has already been registered with Contact
I’ve forgotten my password. How do I proceed?
You can reset your password here: Reset password
I can’t log in. The message “Username or password incorrect” keeps appearing.
There are three possible reasons for this:
  1. Your login has not yet been activated. Please contact
  2. The password used is incorrect. Reset your password here: Reset password
  3. The username is incorrect. Please contact
I haven’t received a verification email. How can I activate my account anyway?
The link in the verification email has expired. How should I proceed?
I’ve logged into What can I do here?
On, you can manage your personal data. You also have the possibility to contact us and receive detailed information on the services offered.
In order to use the services on offer (public workstations and e-lending), sign into the services directly.